Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Frame Wreath

The craft bug struck again. I figure the next week and a half are going to be crazy at work so if I planned to make a seasonal craft this was the time to do it. Thanks to Pinterest I wanted to make a really unique Christmas frame wreath. I loved the picture but it didn’t link to a blog with instructions so I had to wing it. 

What I used:
Frame (without glass)
Spray paint
Thin ribbon
Thick ribbon
Craft wire
Staple gun
Self stick felt pads

The first thing I did was remove the glass from the frame. It sounds easy but the glass broke and made a giant mess. Oops. After that I spray painted the frame red using cherry red primer/spray paint. It took three coats before I finally got the finish I wanted.

The frame after one coat of spray paint

Next I arranged the ornaments to find a placement I liked. I cut green and silver ribbon, threaded the ornaments, and fastened them in place with my handy dandy staple gun. It isn’t pretty, but it works.

The ornaments being stapled in place

After that I made a big bow. This was my first time making a bow and while it looks ok, I’m not thrilled with how it turned out. I may make another one in the future and replace the current one… or maybe not. I attached the bow with craft wire at the top of the ornaments and used my handy dandy staple gun to attach a few of the pieces in place, in order to keep it where I wanted and hide a few flaws.

My attempt at a bow

I was worried about the red paint leaving marks on my wall so to finish it off I put self stick felt pads (the things that go on chair legs to protect the floor) on the back in each corner. Done!


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