Saturday, 28 January 2012

Blue and Orange Art

It has been a big week for me. I turned 30! I know a lot of people struggle with milestone birthdays but I was pretty excited about entering a new decade. I’m very happy with where I am right now and feel pretty blessed to have the life I do. I realize this may seem unrelated to the craft I’m writing about but it connects, I promise. This is my new artwork, the first thing I’ve created in my 30s.

For my birthday I got money from my parents and my fiance’s mom to buy myself a present. Something I don’t like about our house are the curtains in the living room, eating area and kitchen (it’s open concept). They’re cheap ones I bought when we first moved in and we’ve lived here almost three years. I decided to use the money to buy fabric for new curtains for the three windows, pillows, a table runner, and a bench. I’m still waiting on three more fabrics but I love what has arrived so far.

I made this painting tonight with the intentions of putting it in the bathroom but now that it’s finished I think it would look nice with the new fabrics and have decided to put it in the entrance. This makes it the start of the very large (for me) redecorating project that I’m looking forward to working through. Anyway, on to the instructions…

Supplies I used:
Art paper
Paint (blue, orange, beige)
Sponge brush
Round sponge brush
Scissors (to cut the round sponge brush)
Small paint brush

I decided to paint the background navy. I used a sponge brush and covered the paper, painting first vertically and then horizontally. I decided to only do one coat because I like the look of the streaks and little hints of white.

Once the background was dry I used a small paintbrush to make the orange ovals. I freehanded them so they’re slightly uneven. I had to do two coats because the navy was showing through.

Next I tried to find something to use as my x stamp. I tried an eraser but it wasn’t textured enough. I also tried a stamp but again I wanted more texture. Finally I took a circular sponge brush and cut away pieces to make an x. It wasn’t what I had envisioned but I really liked the shape it made. I used the sponge in beige paint to randomly add xs around the edges of the circles.

I don’t have it framed yet. I actually have a frame for it that has three 5x7 openings (which is why I didn’t worry about painting the entire page) but I had to spray paint it so it’s drying in the basement. Stay tuned to see it framed and hung.

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