Sunday, 1 January 2012

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy New Year

Another year has arrived and, like many others, I’ve spent the start of it in self reflection. I know this isn’t craft related but I think it’s important to share where I am right now, mentally, emotionally and physically. The start of last year found me in a not so great state – I was mentally and emotionally drained, physically going through the motions on autopilot. I’m not looking for pity, simply stating the way it was. I decided that last year I was going to be selfish. I focused on me – doing what made me happy, spending time with the people that were important, distancing myself from those who brought me down, not worrying about things beyond my control, and finding that balance that we all strive for. It was a good year and, although I occasionally lost my way, I did focus on me. I left 2011 in a much better place than I entered it.

Enter 2012 While I am in a much better mental and emotional state, physically I’m not there. I’m carrying a little (or a lot of) extra weight, not in good shape, not exercising enough, not sleeping enough, not eating well, and basically doing completely the opposite with my body than I am with my mind. This year I’ve decided to continue being selfish. Once again I’m focusing on me, although this time it’s going to be physical. I will not feel guilty about splurging on good fresh veggies even if they're not in season and finding the love I once had for exercising. I’m not trying to become a fitness model or a gym star– far from it. What I am striving for is a physical balance, so that I’m as contented with my physical state as I am with the rest of me and so that I’m able to be the best possible version of myself.

I’ve been looking through the reasonstobefit board on tumblr and there are some great ones. The one above really struck home for me. So that’s my plan for 2012. Wish me luck!

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