Monday, 6 February 2012

A Creative Attempt at Lined Curtains

I made my first set of curtains. Woohoo! In case you haven’t been following, I decided I needed more colour in my decor so I got fabric to redo curtains and accessories (pillows, bench cover, etc) in my entrance, living room, kitchen and eating area. Happy birthday to me!

My finished curtains which I totally love!

I should explain that not only do I not know how to sew well, I quite dislike sewing. With that said, I love things that are homemade and being able to customize the look in my surroundings so I decided to suck it up and sew. If you’re look for precise instructions, you may want to look somewhere else. However, if you want to read about how I successfully guessed my way to completing a set of lined curtains, read on.

The former curtains. They served the purpose but were nothing special.

Supplies I used:
Lining (I used room dimming)
Measuring tape
Sewing machine
Ironing board

My sewing machine. It's a hand-me-down from my mama dearest.
I think it's older than me but it works and I like it.

Although I made two panels, I did them separately. The first thing I did was my cutting. The fabric was the right width but I needed to cut the length. To get my measurements I figured out the length I wanted and added 8 inches (because I was worried I’d mess up). I then placed the fabric on top of the lining and cut it to the same size.

Next I sewed up my bottom. I would like to give you exact measurements but I didn’t use them. Instead, I used specific elements in the fabric pattern, like the middle of the x. I’ll guess at measurements just for fun and to make it easier to explain… I folded the fabric and lining about 3 inches, pinned it and ironed it flat. I then folded it another 3 inches, ironed it again and pinned it. This gave me a think, neat looking bottom. I sewed a seam a few inches up from the bottom to hold the hem in place.

The bottom, after the first fold was ironed into place.

Hemming the bottom. See how neat the edge looks?

After the hem was the sides. According to the interwebs I was supposed to turn my fabric so right sides were facing each other but I couldn't figure it out. Instead, I followed the same steps as the bottom but with smaller folds. First I folded it in about half an inch and ironed it. Then I folded it in about an inch, ironed it, pinned it and sewed it.  It seemed to look ok for the first side so I continued to do the second side. The only downside is you see the stitches, which I actually kind of like.

The side, ready to be sewn.
Finally I was on to the top. I folded it over about half an inch and hemmed it so they messy edges were hidden. Then I folded it over about 3 inches and sewed it to create a rod pocket. With that I was done my first panel.

The pocket rod. As you can see, I'm not good at
keeping my speed consistant so it's a little (or a lot) uneven.

I’ve learned a few things, the main one being not to do the panels separately. It was not fun to try and line up the two panels to make sure the plad looked right. I think I did a good job of making them line up but next time I’ll do all the bottoms, then all the sides, then all the tops.

The first panel done, waiting for it's twin.

So there you have it, my first set of curtains. I still have 5 more panels to do for 2 more windows so any suggestions about the proper way to make them would be welcome!

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  1. Nice! You've inspired me to think about getting new curtains/quilt/headboard for the new house to be.... so, once I get moved, watch out. There will be a massive sewing headache around my place as I get busy on those projects Thanks AC for the link to the fabric store. You've created a monster, LOL.

    Happy Wednesday.


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