Saturday, 11 February 2012

Upholstered Bench

When trying to find a way to tie my new fabric into the whole house, I decided to upcycle an old coffee table into a bench for our front entrance. This isn’t just any old coffee table. It has history and means a lot to me. You see, my first year teaching I taught in a small, northern community. It wasn’t a good fit for me and I only lasted one year but while I was there I had some amazing students. I lived in a furnished teacherage but it didn’t have a coffee table. Because furniture was difficult to find and very expensive to buy, I had a couple students make this coffee table for me in shop class.

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing and on to the “how to”…

Here’s what I used:
The coffee table
Spray paint
A foam mat (camping style)
A marker
Tacky glue
Glue gun and glue
Exacto knife
Staple gun

I started off by spray painting the bench. This should have been quick but took quite a while. The table was purple and it took more coats of paint than I expected to get full coverage. Unfortunately, on my last coat I ran out of paint with about 2 square feet left to cover. Because I live in a small community I couldn’t buy the colour spray paint I needed and had to wait until a colleague went to the city a week later and picked some up for me. I got her to get me two cans, just in case. I didn't bother spray painting the top because I knew it would be covered.

Next, I placed the table upside down on my foam. I was going to buy foam at the fabric store but the awesome sales associate informed me it would be much cheaper to go buy a foam camping pad. I found this one, which is 3 inches thick, on clearance because it had been discoloured by the sun. I love saving money! Anyway, I traced the top of the table on the foam and cut it out.

Once the foam was cut out, I glued it to the bench, turned the bench upside down and let it dry overnight.

Next, I spread my fabric out on the kitchen table with the right side down and placed my bench on top on the fabric.

I used a glue gun to attach the fabric around the cushion to the bottom of the bench. I did the two long sides first and then the two short sides, folding the corners like I was wrapping a present. I used an Exacto knife to cut off the excess fabric and then stapled it down with a staple gun to make it extra secure.

The bench is now in the front entrance, waiting for company to sit on it while they tie their shoes - we use the kitchen door but that's another post. In order to protect the bench but still allow us somewhere to store shoes I put an old rubber mat on the bottom shelf. That way we don't lose storage.



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  2. Love it! Great tutorial. I may have to try this:)

  3. What a wonderful souvenir your students built for you! It looks really good all spruced up as a bench! Thanks so much for linking up at my greener linky party!


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