Monday, 12 March 2012

Finished Entrance

I dream of someday having a house worth showing off in a tour. In fact, I’ve thought about it and have decided that I’ll have a special page for it, with a tab next to the “about me” tab. The problem with this is that my house is very much a work in progress. I’m only 30 and bought my first house almost 3 years ago. J and I are working our way through bit by bit and I love what we’ve done so far. I’m very close to having a lot of rooms finished but they still have things that I’m working on. With that said, the once part of the house that is 100% finished* is… the entrance. Exciting, hey?

This is taken from the basement, looking up the stairs. I’m very pleased with the bench I made (check it out here) and how it adds some colour to the space. Here's a better view of the bench.

Here’s another view of the entrance. Isn’t it fun? I could have put the shovel away but it’s winter so there’s no point. The message board was a housewarming gift from a good friend, which I spray painted to match the bench. You can also see the blue and orange picture I made (which you can find in progress here and finished here) on the wall going down the stairs.

And now, my favorite part… the closet.

We don’t normally use this door but do use the closet. We keep all our coats, snow pants, etc. hung up here year round. Our shoes are all on the shelves with the exception of our boots, which are beside the shelves. Most of our accessories are in baskets with labels on the front (actually business cards from Microsoft Publisher, laminated and hot glued in place). The accessories not in the baskets are my scarves – I love scarves – which are on a scarf holder from Ikea.

And there you have it – my entrance. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first little glimpse of my house and there’ll be more to come as rooms get finished… maybe even enough to have it as a separate page. A girl can dream, right?

*Not including painting and flooring. We plan to paint the entire house through in a couple years and the flooring, while not my favorite, is totally functional and therefore staying for a while.

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