Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lined Living Room Curtains

For the final project with my birthday fabric, I wanted to make four panels of lined curtains to go in the front window. Sounds easy, right? I thought so too. However, they were almost the death of my enjoyment of sewing. I had issues getting the right size lining and getting the lining straight, trouble finding enough time and space to work on them, and I broke a sewing machine (beyond repair). As someone fairly new to sewing, those things were enough to almost make me give up. Thank goodness I’m really stubborn.

Anyway, here they are. Please ignore the ribbon. Our old curtains would stay open on their own. We've put a new rod and hooks on our wedding registry and if we don't receive them we'll be buying some.

Who doesn't love a before and after? The before curtains are cheap ones from Walmart we bought when we moved in 3 years ago. We rarely have them closed but I wanted you to see the full product.

I made them following the same steps as these lined curtains.

I also made a short panel for the window over our sink. J has wanted one in this window since we moved in and I like it without one. I decided that I'd be nice and let him have his way (because he usually lets me have mine) by making him a panel. He was ok with it not going to the top because, even though he's tall, he can't see over it and people can't see in.

In case you'd like to see the other projects made with the birthday fabric, I've put together a list of them.

First, I made this upholstered bench.

Next I made these zippered pillow covers.

My wonderful mama made this beautiful table runner.

Last but not least, I made these fabric wrapped balls.

I'm really pleased with all the projects I've made using my birthday fabric. My goal was to add colour and a touch of homemade to my home and I think I've accomplished that.

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  1. Hi there, seen you over at Positively Splendid =)

    I love the lined curtains and all your fabric choices! I have been wanting to do that in my little girl's room so maybe the darker room would extend nap time, lol


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