Friday, 18 May 2012

Wedding Flowers

It’s only a couple months until J and I get married. Yippie! We’re having a very small wedding in Canmore, Alberta, which is several hours from our home. Our ceremony and reception are taking place at a golf course with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Because of the stunning views at our outside location, we decided to have minimal ceremony décor. However, if it rains and we have to go inside, I wanted some plants for either side of J and I, who will be standing in front of open doors showing the mountains. Rather than pay a lot for something we may not use, I decided to plant my own. I should be very clear: I am not growing my own or M’s bouquet. I’m not willing to risk those flowers not turning out well. These are just in case in rains and are in no way essential to our wedding.

Our wedding colours are black, white and purple, with a little bit of silver.  I bought two silver pots from Walmart and the flowers came from Canadian Tire. The bottom white flowers are Bacopa. Eventually they should fill out the bottom layer and hang down over the pot. The top flowers are Pericallis. They should grow about a foot tall and have lots of deep purple flowers. In the middle are Pansies. They’re a softer purple and should fill in the space around the steps of the Pericallis.

In total, these cost me about $80, half of which was spent on the pots. That’s over $300 less than the florist was going to charge. While, like I said, I would never try and grow my own bouquet, I’m really pleased with these and hope they grow well for the wedding. While I tend to do well with gardening, I’m a little nervous. Any tips to help them grow would be appreciated! Also, I’ll post pictures close to the date to show how (or if) they turn out.

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