Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day and Something New... Mom, Don't Read This!

Happy Mother’s Day Mama!!! I love you! Now please stop reading this post.

Mama and I when she was visiting last summer.

Seriously mom, stop reading…

Ok, so my gifts for my mother and mother-in-law are going to be a little late this year. I tried making a beautiful ceramic plate to hold their jewelry and they were a HUGE FAILURE! Looking back, I should have shared them with you as a cautionary tale but I was so angry that I threw them out. I am going to try again so I’ll have to force myself to show you them, no matter the results.

Anyway, to replace the awful plates I bought a small present and decided to make some jewelry to make it more personal. I made two of these necklaces; first I made one for myself as a trial and then I made one for my mother. I plan on making a third for my mother-in-law but need to get some more chain.

I skipped taking pictures at some of the steps but hopefully you can figure it out. I didn’t use any instructions but winged it, based on a necklace worn by one of the characters on Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit but I love that show.

Step 1: Cut two lengths of chain, one slightly shorter than the other.

Step 2: On the shorter piece, attach a bead using a headpin and jump ring.

Step 3: About two fingers above the bead, attach a larger jump ring. Be sure it goes through the chain.

Step 4: On the longer piece, attach two beads using a headpin and jump ring.

Step 5: Thread the longer chain through the large jump ring on the shorter chain.

Step 6: Attach a clasp to both sides, again using jump rings.

Like I said, I made one for myself first to figure out how to do it. I went with black because most of my clothes are black. I’m thinking it’s going to become a wardrobe staple.For my mom, I went with brown. She wears a lot of browns and beiges so I figured it would give her lots to wear it with. I'm not sure what colour I'll make for my mother-in-law... maybe blue. 

So to all you moms, moms to be, and acting moms (like me), happy mother's day!

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  1. These are lovely - so cool - like a lariat that wont come undone - love it and pinning!

  2. Great job Al! I was worried that my mom would see her Mother's Day gift before her big day, so I delayed my post til after Mother's Day. Thank you for linking this up on Fluster's Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster


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