Sunday, 9 June 2013

Graduation Centerpieces

On Friday we celebrated high school graduation for ten of our amazing students. As you may or may not know, I teach at an alternate school. I am truly blessed to have a job that I love and students who challenge me daily and never cease to amaze me with their strength and resiliency. Having ten graduates this year is very exciting for us!

We host our graduation at school and one of my jobs was to make the centerpieces. I found inspirations from a few different sources (which are pinned on my graduation board but don't link to the source) and then tweaked them to add my own flair.

To make these I used the following supplies:
Flower pots (10, 3 different shapes and sizes)
Spray paint
Floral foam
Kabob skewers
White paint and brush
Table scatter (I found packages with sparkly 2013, grad, and hats at Michaels)
Scrapbook paper
Cuttlebug and circle cutters
Glue and books for weight
Shredded paper

The first thing I did was spray paint my flower pots. I used a paint and primer in one with a satin finish. As you can see, when I spray paint I always try to have the thing being painted propped up so my edges are clean. I only did one coat inside and out for full coverage.

Next, I painted my kabob skewers with white acrylic paint. In order to let them dry, I stuck them in some floral foam and left them overnight.

While the paint was drying, I cut some red and white circles. I also cut some with a scalloped edge but they didn’t look right so I didn’t use them. I put star stickers on each of the circles.

Next, I cut the floral foam to fit the flower pots. It doesn’t have to be perfect or look nice because it will be covered, it just needs to fit tightly in the pot.

This was the most tedious part. I placed each skewer in between two circles or pieces of table scatter, and attached the three parts together using white glue. I would do two at a time, placing them with sticks facing opposite ways, and leave them under books to dry together. I only did two at a time so this step took a while.

Once the glue was dry, I placed the skewers in the floral foam. I broke some of the skewers off in order to have them at different heights.

Finally, I covered the floral foam with shredded paper.

I was thrilled with how they turned out and even more excited to see a few people leaving with some of the decorations to use as souvenirs.

Before finishing up this post about graduation, I thought I'd show you my bulletin board. It's quite simple, with a photo of each graduate matted on white and red paper. I got everything ready and, as usual, had a student put it together.

So there you have it: some cute centerpieces to decorate the tables for the celebration of the hard work and dedication of an amazing group of students. Congratulations class of 2013.


  1. What a great graduation project, Allison. Thanks for coming by and partying with us at Fluster Buster's Creative Muster.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    I'm visiting from Say G'day Saturday. Have a fantastic weekend!


  3. Hi Allison, what a beautiful centerpiece! I love it!
    Baci Cristina


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