Monday, 8 July 2013

New Pendants

Lately I’ve been on a jewelry-making kick.

First, I finally finished wire wrapping this stone for a friend. There is a long, sentimental story to this stone and it had been sitting in a drawer for many years. She asked if I would be able to do some sort of wire wrap on it and of course I said yes. It was by far the hardest piece of jewelry I’ve ever made and I redid it at least a dozen times until I was happy with the results.

Next, I was asked by someone who had purchased some bird’s nest pendants to make them some more. I made a bunch and she picked the ones she wanted. I listed the ones that were left on my Etsy.

Finally, I decided to retry some pendants I had attempted when I was still a novice at jewelry making. They were inspired by these Beaded Hanging Pendants from Nat at North Shore Days and she has an awesome tutorial. They definitely weren’t pretty when I originally made them so, after having them sit in a container for almost a year. I took them apart and redid them. Now I love them! I’m going to keep one for myself and give the other two as gifts. The only problem is I can’t decide which one I like best.

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  1. Aw love them all Al - I really need to try my hand at a birdsnest pendant. You're doing so well with your jewelry making xxxx


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