Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wedding Scrapbook Part 1

This Sunday J and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it has been a year; it feels much longer and much shorter at the same time.  I never did show you any wedding pictures, other than when I started my scrapbook the first time. I did several pages in that scrapbook and then stopped because life got in the way. I switched schools. Both kids moved in for a couple months. One decided to stay. I’ve been dealing with an illness. I was overwhelmed. Like I said, life.

A few weeks ago I saw A Non-Scrapbooker's Guide to Creating a Wedding Scrapbook by Lauren at The Thinking Closet and it re-motivated me. I think we must have similar taste because I already had some of the same paper and punches as the ones she used. Seriously, her scrapbook is fantastic and I totally stole some of her layouts. In looking through her book, I realized I didn’t really love some the pages I had already done so I did what most of us would do and started over.

Just so you know, I blurred some of the faces. The ones that are blurred are the ones I didn't ask permission to post their pictures so I figured I should be respectful. In real life, all the pictures have faces.

Supplies I used:

- 12 x 12 white (several packages of 25 sheets)
- 12 x 12 black (several packages of 25 sheets)
- 12 x 12 in assorted patterns with white, black, and grey, maybe 8 - 10 patterns, 3 or 4 sheets of each
- 8.5 x 11 in white and purple, left over from our invitations (one package of each)
- 4.5 x 6.5 in white (one package, and I have a lot left. I could have cut down larger sheets but I liked the convenience and it was the perfect size for 4x6 photos.)

- Paper cutter
- Scissors
- Edge rounder
- Zig zag punch
- Scalloped punch

- Glue tape
- Glue stick
- Glue dots

- Stickers (words, phrases, anything wedding related)
- Borders
- Markers
- 3 ring scrapbook (I originally had a traditional one but saw this one with binder rings on sale at Michaels so scooped it up.)
- Page protectors

I bought some other things that I didn't use like brads and twine. Also, I had some paper and stickers left over. I returned most of the leftovers but kept a few things that I know I will use in the future.

The first thing I did was get organized. I spread all the supplies out on my desk, took stock, did some shopping, and finally had more than enough.  I stuck to my original plan of using black, white, grey, and a little purple left over from our invites. I also included some things from our wedding, such as an invitation.

Next I organized my pictures, which was one of the parts I struggled with last time. I started by separating them into sections: before wedding, ceremony, family, and reception. Then I went through and split them up. Initially I was trying to do two-page spreads but it was too difficult so I separated all the photos into individual pages.

Then I dove in. I didn’t have an order or a reason for the way I did my pages, but just worked on whatever struck me. I did stop about half way through and lay everything out on our bed. By doing this, I could see if any pages looked odd (which a couple did) and made sure to make some more pages that would help those blend. For example, I only had one page with the dainty flourish stickers and they seemed out of place, so I included them in a few more pages.

I found this to be a very challenging project but love the way it turned out. Want to see all the pages? Rather than make this ridiculously long, I’m going to split this up into several reasonable length posts. Check back in a couple days to see part one of the album.

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  1. Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

  2. Projects like this are very challenging but you did a great job! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


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