Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wedding Scrapbook Part 2

Now that I've showed you all the preparation and how I went about making my wedding scrapbook, it's time to show you the pages.

If you want to see where I got my motivation and re-inspiration, check out A Non-Scrapbooker's Guide to Creating a Wedding Scrapbook by Lauren at The Thinking Closet. It's fantastic.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I blurred some of the faces. The ones that are blurred are the people I didn't ask permission to post their pictures so I figured I should be respectful. In real life, there are no creepy blurry-faced or headless people in my wedding photos.

Before the ceremony J and I had photos taken at several locations around Canmore. 

Next was the ceremony at Silvertip Golf Resort. My dad walked me down the isle and presented me to J. D and M (J's kids) stood for us.We had a sand ceremony to blend the families, my brother and sister-in-law signed the register, and then we had our first dance at the ceremony location.

I wanted the scrapbook to reflect our style and the simple elegance of our wedding, which I think it does. I'm really excited about the finished product.

This scrapbook is pretty long so I've split it into two posts. Please come back in a few days to see the family photos taken after the ceremony, as well as a few photos from the reception.


  1. Aw its so lovely Al. Do you know I still dont have my wedding photos in any kind of album and its been 15 years! You have inspired me to get onto it. You looked gorgeous on your big day xxx

  2. Wow, we do live in God's country don't we? Fabulous backdrop for your photos - what great memories you must have.

    and I agree with Natalie - what a stunningly beautiful bride!

  3. So pretty. I have a stack of scrapbooking things to start projects with. Just gorgeous!

  4. i love how simple and elegant these pages are :) pinning from Diana Rambles to remember ideas for my own scrapbook! thanks!

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful! The mountains in the background are just amazing. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.



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