Friday, 9 August 2013

Minor Update, Major Impact: New Doggie Gate

Do you ever have a project that doesn’t even qualify to be called a project, that is simple to take care of, but that you continue to put off? That was my relationship with my doggie gate, until recently.   

I’ve had this plastic baby gate since I got my first dog, Paquita, back in 2005. It had moved with me from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan to Alberta, through various apartments and into J and my first house. We kept it at the top of the stairs to keep Paquita, and then later Benson and Raven, from going downstairs. We never actually put it in place but just leaned it up against the wall. It was an ugly, ill-fitting eyesore and I’ve looked at it with distaste for four years now.

Fast forward to our anniversary. J took me shopping to buy me a piece of jewelry (I hate surprises) but I came home empty handed. I couldn’t justify spending that much money on something I don’t need. Instead we bought a mental doggie gate which J installed. It wasn’t expensive and it wasn't difficult to install but it has made a world of difference. It’s not ugly and it doesn’t bother me every time I look at it.

I can't help but wonder why I put it off for so long.

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  1. It looks awesome! Not an eye sore at all but looks like it belongs there. :) I have projects like that too- wonder why I have put them off so long....

    Have a great day!
    Jen and the mostly Black Dog Crew

  2. We have permanent (baby) gates for the dog and they make all the difference!

  3. dog gates are so important! And it's much nicer when they're not ugly :). I had to click over to get a better look at your beagle--she (he?) looks a lot like my beagle-y girl, Fiesta :) I have a picture of her lying just like yours is in that through the gate picture.


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