Monday, 19 August 2013


I never thought I would be a gardener. Growing up I would ask my mom why she wasted time on a flower bed. Since moving to the prairies that has totally changed. I think because we have such a long, warm growing season (compared to Newfoundland) I've come to enjoy growing my own food and flowers. I've been harvesting a lot of my veggies lately and thought it was time for an update. These pictures were taken a couple days after returning from vacation so please ignore the long grass.

I've been eating tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, and cucumbers from my pots so far and I still have more tomatoes, habanero peppers, cucumbers, and celery growing.

Cucumber: One fell off and there are a couple still growing.

Tomatoes: Starting to look a little bare but I've eaten a lot.

Peppers: The front two plants are done but the habanero is still growing. 

Celery: This one is a pain and needs a lot of water. I don't think I'll be growing this again. 

While I'm at it, I thought I'd show you my flowers too. I lost almost all of my perennials last winter so a lot of these are new plants. I'm really pleased with how many of them are doing, and hope they survive the winter.

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  1. This post reminds me of how much I miss growing veggies! I can't do anything at the cabin because we're not always there to tend to the garden, and I'm not about to do anything at our rental.

    As a child I would grow cucumbers and LOVED it! They grow so fast and it was so rewarding to get up in the morning and see what grew 'overnight'.

    Your flowers look beautiful. I hope they survive too!

  2. I love that you are growing your own vegetables. They are so healthy for you. I have only grown tomatoes but they are so much better than anything I can buy in the store.

    I always love to see flowers. Flowers bring me joy!!


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