Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Book Club and Ritz Cracker Rolo Sandwiches

When something is great, I can't wait to share it with you. Likewise when something is a horrible failure. When something is just ok, however, I struggle with whether or not I should share it. This treat is one of those just ok things.

We had a book club meeting last week and I wanted to bring a yummy treat but knew that, because of a workshop out of town, I'd be short on time and needed something quick and easy. I decided to make some Ritz Cracker Rolo Sandwiches that I'd seen on Pinterest. I don't want to link to the original source because I don't think that would be kind.

They were super simple to make. I placed the crackers salty side down on a baking sheet and placed a Rolo on top of each cracker. I then cooked them in my toaster oven on 300 for 90 seconds, until the chocolate and caramel was squishable but not melted. Next I removed them from the toaster oven and placed another cracker on top, squishing the Rolo a bit.

I didn't really like these treats. I felt like they had too much cracker and not enough filling. Despite my reservations, I took them to book club where only about 1/3 of the platter was eaten. I brought the rest home and J (who normally hates anything homemade) finished them off so I guess they couldn't have been that bad. Would I make them again? Probably not.

It's an interesting coincidence that my just ok treats were for our discussion of A Prayer For Owen Meany. I didn't dislike the book but felt it, like the treats, was just ok. I found it really hard to get into and couldn't get through more than a couple pages at a time. To be honest, I didn't get it finished in time for the meeting but plan to continue plugging through it because I want to read the end.

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  1. Popped over from the weekend blog hop party. These sound interesting to me as I love salty/sweet. I do something similar with Rolos using pretzel rings and a Rolo in the center. The problem for me is finding the pretzels. I normally have to buy them online. I make these for holidays also I use kisses sometimes. Thanks for sharing, I always have Ritz on hand!

  2. Well, you win some, you lost some. At least they didn't go to waste :).


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