Sunday, 20 October 2013

Master Bedroom Overhaul Phase 2: Painted Wooden Headboard

Our headboard is nothing fancy but it’s one of my favourite things in our house. I love that J made it and that it's full of imperfections which I think add to it's charm.

J actually built this headboard several years ago. When looking online I found this beautiful headboard at Deep Thoughts by Cynthia and followed the links to these plans by Ana White. J followed the instructions pretty closely, adding an extra board down the middle of the back for more support. We also used cheap wood and didn't fill anything in. He built it in the days before I was a blogger so I don’t have any pictures.


Originally I painted it purple. I had no plan or design scheme; I just really love purple. It stayed that way for a few years, until we started redoing our bedroom and I decided the purple had to go.


We brought it into the basement and busted out the white spray paint. As much as I can’t wait to eventually finish our basement, I’m going to miss having somewhere to paint indoors. It took one coat of primer and seven coats of white spray paint (a lot even for a spray paint lover like me) but now it’s a nice, crisp white. After the paint was dry I took a flat screwdriver and went over the lines between the boards. 


J and I brought it back upstairs and put it in place. I love the look of the white with the blue walls and brown bedding (which you can see here), and can’t wait to get the matching brown curtains sewn and in place.


  1. love it in the white! thanks for the link to my turquoise headboard. my headboard now belongs to my son as we upgraded to a king size. i still love it though. glad you love yours

  2. Great repurposing from purple to white. That was a lot of spraying, tough on the hand that held that button down, lovely result.

  3. Pretty amazing what a little paint can do, it looks great! Thanks for linking up to the Friday Pin Fest, I hope to see you there this Friday :)

  4. Yes! It is so pretty and it was definitely the right choice :)


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