Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jolly Rancher Vodka (Gluten and Dairy Free. Seriously.)

As of tomorrow I'll be in Saskatchewan visiting a dear friend and her wonderful family. I wanted to make a little something for her so I decided to try a recipe for Jolly Rancher Vodka from Mix That Drink

To make this you'll need:
Jolly Ranchers
Glass Jars

First, sort your candy. I was surprised that, even with two packs of candy, I had just enough of certain flavours and not enough of others.  

Next, measure your vodka into jars. J and I are not big drinkers but I didn't want to give it to someone without trying it, so I made 3 jars for my friend with 6 oz of vodka each and 3 jars for J and I with 1.5 oz of vodka each. After doing some research I learned not all vodka is safe for me but Smirnoff is totally fine.

Next you add your Jolly Ranchers. The ratio is 1 candy to every 1/2 oz of vodka. That meant 12 for the large jars and 3 for the small jars. I used Watermelon, Green Apple, and Grape.

Then you wait, and shake occasionally. 

It took less than 18 hours and the candy was totally dissolved. 

We tried our samples with ice and Sprite, and they were delicious. Given how easy this was, I think it'd make a great gift for a variety of occasions.

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  1. Oh now your talkin!! Who wouldn't love to get this as a gift??!!! Enjoy your visit!

  2. That's amazing! I'm the only one in my circle who ever drinks, but I might have to make *one* jar just for me. ;) Thanks for sharing with the Merry Monday Linky Party!


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