Saturday, 12 July 2014

Running! Medal Holder

You know what's strange? In the 9 runs J and I have done since we've been together, the first one to have finishers medals was the Calgary Marathon. That may or may not have been part of the reason I signed up. Anyway, since completing the 10k in Calgary our medals have hung over the corner of my mirror but I decided they needed to be showcased.

There are a lot of these on the internet but I didn't use a tutorial. Instead, in my true style, I winged it. I know. I'm a wild one. In case you'd like to make your own with directions, here's what to do.


Sand paper
Sponges and paintbrushes
Letter template 
Acrylic sealant
Hanging hardware


Step 1: Prepare the wood. I used a 14 inch piece of kiln-dried pine because I didn't want it to warp. I used the sander to smooth the edges and then cleaned it with damp cloth.

Step 2: Paint the wood. I did two coats of beige followed by three coats of navy, with a light sanding between each coat.

Step 3: Distress the edges using sandpaper. I went back and forth about this (I'm not a fan of antiqued pieces) but liked the look while I was sanding between coats so I decided to go outside my comfort zone.

Step 4: Paint the letters. Dear goodness, this was a mess. I started by making a template using a Cricut and then taped it into place. I had read somewhere that if you paint the colour of the base first, it'll hide a lot of the bleeds. It turns out that doesn't work when your stencil is paper.

Step 4.5: Spend a very long time with fine-tipped paintbrushes fixing up the giant mess you made with the letters.

Step 5: Seal the whole thing. This might have been unnecessary but I did it anyway. I used a spray acrylic sealant and did two coats.

Step 6: Measure out the spacing of your hooks and screw them into place.

Step 7: Attach hardware to hang the medal holder. If I were doing this again, I would use a secure one in the middle, as this one has a tendency to move. Live and learn.

This was a finicky project that took a lot longer than I expected but, given the months of training that went into those medals, I'd say it's worth it. The sad thing is that I'm currently off running due to an injury but as soon as I'm allowed I'll be working to fill up the rest of those hooks.

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  1. Don't most projects end up taking longer than usual lol wish it was the other way around!

    Sorry to hear about your injury. That's a huge issue with running for me. I've never been a true runner, but what little I did I ended up with a sore IT muscle that's never quite been the same.

    Congrats on the medals AI! Well deserved!!

  2. Stopping by from Take a Look Tuesday. I'm horrible at stenciling! Personally I rather just use a paintbrush. Great job touching it up, looks perfect!

  3. I was thinking of making one of these for my husbands medals (they are all in a box now). This inspired me to do it SOON!

  4. Love this Al! Also, love that you run! You make me feel lazy. LOL! Hey, how can I get your posts via email? I don't see anywhere to sign up for that.

  5. This is adorable - and I have had to fix bleeding letters before too, so you're not alone! It ended up very cute! Congrats on your medals! And thank you so much for sharing your tutorial at Merry Monday Linky! Julia

  6. Love this Al! I wish I had a medal to hang so I could make one for myself!! Thanks for sharing at the party this week! I am featuring your medal holder on my FB page and have pinned it to the You're Gonna Love It Tuesday board on Pinterest too :-)

  7. Love this idea! My husband would actually think this is cool. Hmmm. Father's day, b-day, christmas. I am pinning and making for him and me.
    Found you on Monday Funday.


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