Thursday, 16 July 2015

Guest Room Curtains

Perhaps I should have called this post "Why I Broke The Rules" but I don't want to sound like too much of a rebel. In all seriousness, I made these curtains months ago (actually, almost a year ago) but haven't shared them. 

Here's the thing: I know curtains that are hung high and go to the floor are supposed to make a room look larger / better but that just doesn't work for me. For starters, I have a dog who sheds like a beast. She doesn't go in the guest room but her hair still manages to make it in there on occasion. Also, the curtain rods were hung quickly and I had no motivation to have them moved. Third, these curtains make me happy and it's my house so my happiness is more important than doing what the inter webs say is correct.

To make these, I followed the same steps as I did for my living room and kitchen windows. You can see the instructions here.  

I used Wonderlust Luna fabric by Pat Bravo with room darkening lining, opting not to go for total blackout. This was the first fabric that caught my eye and inspired the quilt, which was the starting point for the room. 

It was very hard to get a nice picture of these in the light but I think they're wonderful and I'm glad I broke the rules. What decorating rules do you choose to ignore?

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  1. These are really happy, and I love your bedspread also. Did you make that too?? Even if not, it's a perfect match. Come link it up with us at SHARE IT sunday linky party on my blog,


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