Monday, 27 July 2015

Hair: Art Class Number Nine

In case you noticed, I realize I haven't yet shared art classes six through eight. They're coming soon but first I thought I'd share this one, mainly because I've already taken photos of it.

I made this painting with a friend in mind using her favourite colours. She was turning 40 and her partner arranged a small surprise dinner for her. I really am grateful for a husband who's ok with me leaving him home alone for the weekend because I used the dinner as an excuse to road trip and catch up with old friends. 

The funny thing about this painting is that it was the hardest one I've ever done even though it looks wild and free. I'm a neat, precise painting and I struggle with mess and disorder. Given that this painting is meant to be wild and crazy, I had to really work to make it look inexact. 

I also was terrified to splatter paint but had been wanting to do it on one of my pieces so I decided this was the perfect piece. I love how that one red drop fell just below her lip.

Is it strange to have a favourite part of a painting? In this one, it's totally the edge of her shoulder and back. I love the smooth blending of the colours with the touches of messy grey.

The above photo was at the art studio when I thought I was finished. The more I looked at it, the more something looked odd but I couldn't place my finger on it. Finally I realized I'd forgotten to give the lady a nostril. I added one in and it was exactly what was bothering me.

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  1. Wow AI! You did this?? So pretty, and I love the colors you used.

    It's not strange at all that you have a favorite part, and in looking closely at the painting, I agree with you. The blending in that area is lovely!


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