Thursday, 5 November 2015

Birch Trees: Art Class Number 11

I haven't mentioned much about it (or perhaps anything) but I had surgery last week. I won't be going into details here but it was a pretty major surgery, I'm not sick, and I'll be off work until after Christmas.  If you want to know more, feel free to email me. Anyway, knowing I wouldn't be able to take care of myself and that J had to work, my amazing mama (who's retired) came up to help take care of me while I was in hospital and during my first week home.

While here, mama commented that she doesn't have any of my paintings so we went to the closet where I keep all the ones from class that I haven't given away or hung up. I realize I still haven't shown you several of them. Back to the point, we went through the paintings and when mama saw this one she instantly claimed it. It's now hers, and will be heading back to Newfoundland with her this weekend so I took some pictures to share with you before she packs it away.

This was one of my least favourite paintings to do but I can't wait to do another one like it. We started by sketching the location of our trees and painted them using old credit/gift cards. Then we went back and added all the dots for leaves using a paintbrush. It took forever and was really hard to get to the edges of the trees. Once that was done, I touched up my trees again. When I do another one, I plan on sponging the background before painting my trees so it doesn't take as long to cover everything.


  1. AL!! Sorry to hear you were in the hospital, but glad it wasn't serious and that you're now home and recovering.

    I found it interesting you said you painted this using a credit card. Never heard of that, but I would imagine it's time consuming but unique.

    Thanks for updating us on your whereabouts!!


  2. Beautiful painting!! I would love to have you share at my link party:

  3. I love your painting! The colours are so pretty and vibrant, and birch is my favourite kind of tree :-)

    Hope you're feeling better after your surgery.


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