Saturday, 16 January 2016

Finishing the Basement: Part 1

We've been making steady progress in the basement at finishing bedrooms for M and D. Actually, I guess I should say J's been making steady progress. In case you missed it, M moved in with us about a month and a half ago and has been living in the guest room while we build her a new bedroom in the basement. This addition to our household occurred shortly after my surgery so I haven't been able to help much at all. J deserves all the credit, and I'm impressed by how handy my husband is!

His first step was framing the two rooms, including a closet in each and a box around the heating duct in one bedroom. He had help for the main walls in this stage, and after that has done everything except the electrical himself. 

Next he insulted the walls and ceilings. Technically he didn't need to do this because they're all interior walls but we wanted the additional warmth and sound proofing.

After this stage we hired an electrical to come in. We didn't want to mess with that at all. He took care of the permits and roughed in the plugs, lights, and smoke detectors. Did you know in Alberta you have to put a smoke detector in every newly built bedroom? He'll come back again to finish the electrical when we're ready for him.

Once the electrical was roughed in, J started putting up the drywall. I was sure he would have to hire someone but he figured it out on his own. At this point they started to look like rooms to me.

Next came the mudding and taping. This was definitely the worst part and took a long time (over three weeks). We ran into some snags and I was fearful that our project was going to grind to a halt but J figured it all out.

Finally he moved on to priming. M helped with this and after two coats our rooms are really starting to come together. The pictures above are after one coat. I didn't take a picture after the second coat because I was too excited to get painting. 

M and I actually did the first coat of paint today and will do the second tomorrow. We still have to do the ceiling, the floor, the trim, the doors, the closet organizers, and the last of the electrical but hopefully it'll be ready in the next month.

Want to see the before? Here it is.

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