Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Updated Running Hallway

I am pleased to cross another project off the list. After walking past this almost finished project for months, I've finally got it done. The sad thing is that I waited so long. It literally to me less than half an hour to do it and I didn't even need any help.

I originally shared my running photo frame with you here, and my running medal holder here. I was pleased with it when I first decorated our hallway with these items. In case you're new and unaware of the backstory, I started running (along with other things) a few years ago in an attempt to get healthy and it has become something J and I love to do together. I use the term together but that's totally inaccurate - J runs fast and I run slow so we say goodbye at the start line, he goes towards the front and I go toward the back to start, and then meet up after the run. Still, we love it. In our hallway we have a photo of us from every run we've done together, as well as any medals we've received.

The original display

Over time, I filled up the running frame and added another. However, instead of moving things, I just randomly added the second frame. Then I decided I didn't like it there so I moved it again but instead of removing the nails I left them in the wall. At the race expo last year for the Calgary Marathon, they offered free photos printed like an Impact magazine cover. I loved it and decided to enlarge and frame ours. Instead of hanging it where I wanted it to go, I stuck it on one of the old nails and it was ridiculously high. While I'm proud of the accomplishments the wall showcases, it's obvious that it wasn't planned out well. Excuse the bad photos.

Raven is so unimpressed.

Before - looking messy and unplanned

Before moving things around, I also wanted to add to the wall. When D lived with us, he did a race with us. Since moving in with us, M has also done one and is signed up for another. I decided to frame a photo from each of their first races, using the same size Ribba frame as our magazine cover. I already had both the photos and the frames, but again had been putting it off.

To finish this project I took everything down, removed all the nails, and started from the beginning. I placed the two multi-photo frames equally spaced from either end of the hallway, and then centered our fake magazine cover between them. I hung that cover  slightly higher than I normally would have, so our medals could go underneath. On the opposite wall I centered the photos of D and M between the door to the guest room and thermostat. 

I've also planned for the future. Once our running medal holder is filled up, I plan to make another one and centre it under the photos of D and M. I made sure to hang them at the same height as our fake magazine cover so it'll look uniform once the new medal holder is up. Also, I have nothing between the thermostat and the kitchen, but the plan is to eventually hang our next multi-photo frame there.

Doesn't it look so much better? Other than the nail holes I think it looks great and, more importantly, it looks intentional. Plus, I love how every day it makes me feel proud and motivates me to keep pushing myself.

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