Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Wooden Bead Bracelets

Recently I made a quick and easy Valentine's Day bracelet with some students. The idea for these bracelets came from this Heart Friendship Bracelet at Moms and Crafters.

Wooden beads (I bought mine at Dollarama)
Hemp twine

Step 1: Draw a design on your beads. Be sure to draw it on each side, and make sure it's facing the right direction each time.

Step 2: Thread the beads on the hemp. On a couple I used smaller beads and knotted the twine to hold the beads in place. On one I chose to let the beads move around.

Step 3: Tie knots. I like adjustable ones so I can put my bracelets on or off as I please.

These are the four bracelets made by my students.

The students had fun making these. They picked their own colours and what they wanted to write on their beads. The only help they needed was to be shown how to make the knots.

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  1. Cute bracelets :-) I like that you drew your own designs on the beads with a Sharpie - makes them even more special and personal :-)


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