Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Recipe Binder

One lovely thing about visiting my incredible friend Linda is her cooking. She's an amazing chef, and is always excited to try new recipes and make things that I can actually eat. When I was there last summer, I saw her recipe binder and knew immediately I had to copy the idea. Linda's husband actually made her binder for her as a wedding gift, typing up all the recipes and decorating it himself. 

I started by printing cover pages for each section. I found mine free online. Because it has been so long since I actually made this, I can't find the link anymore but there are lots of free pages out there. If you happen to know the website for my pages, please let me know so I can link to it.

Next I made tabs for each section. I like them all in a row but M complains about them, feeling they would be easier to use if they were spread out. In the months I've been using this I've removed a few sections and added a few more. My tabs include: appetizers, soup, main dishes, salads, sides, slow cooker, breakfasts, sweets, breads and muffins, beverages, canning, and miscellaneous.

To store the recipes I included page protectors because, believe it or not, they protect the pages. Shocking, right? I love that if I spill or splatter on them I can wipe them right off. I also love the versatility in including different recipes. Some are inserted after they've been printed off the internet, some after they've been ripped out of magazines, and some I rewrite, either on printed recipe sheets (also free and without a link) or on paper decorated with washi tape.

I also keep a file of recipes to try. One of my goals this year is to try and make a new recipe at least every couple weeks. If I make it and it's good, the recipe gets moved into the binder. It is strictly for "make again" recipes that have been tried and earned the approval of the family.

While I was making my recipe book I also put one together for M, and included some of the recipes I make that she enjoys. This way she can continue to add to it and by the time she's an adult she'll have a book of lovely recipes.

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  1. Love your recipe book :-) It's so nicely designed and well-organized. Great idea to use the page protectors - I always spill and splatter things on my recipes!

  2. Heavens I need to get more organized with my recipes.


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