Thursday, 16 March 2017

Three Sheep: Art Class 14

I've been baaaaaaad about sharing these sheep paintings. (I realize that was cheesy but I couldn't resist.) I actually did these over a year ago but because they don't suit my style, I've put off sharing them.

These paintings are done on pieces of board. Before we started painting we added texture using a mixture of plaster and glue. Once that was dry we painted them using acrylic. I managed to create both of these fairly quickly with a little guidance from the teacher.

M wanted to learn how to paint a sheep so I taught her and made another one myself. I miss the texture of the board but really like the colours I used.

I really like these sheep and think they turned out well but they're definitely not my style. For now they're living comfortably in the closet of my office/carft room until they find the right home.

Shared at: Life at Lakeshore Drive


  1. Oh, don't keep your sheep in the closet, they're too adorable to be hidden away! You must have a spot on a wall where you can hang them and enjoy them :-)

  2. What is it about sheep that always makes me smile, and these paintings are not the exception! So cute!! Love that you challenge yourself with new things :).



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